eXcelleRes Coaching is specialised in Executive Coaching, Team Coaching and Professional Coaching.

Our coaches are very experienced entrepreneurial professionals with a lot of knowledge and experience in the field of coaching people in relation to Organisation Development, Team Development and Leadership Development.

These knowledge and experience is gained from a lot of projects, in various sectors and at a lot of different organisations. From non-profit to profit organisations and from small enterprises, big organisations to multinationals.


Our services include amongst others:

•   Executive Coaching
•   Team Coaching
•   Professional Coaching


Some of our realised projects are:

•   Coaching of various Executives, amongst others: directors, entrepreneurs and managers
•   Coaching of consultants of a Consultancy firm
•   Coaching of employees of various departments
•   Coaching of employees of new and merged departments
•   Coaching of various Program- and Project Teams
•   Coaching of various Program- and Project Managers, Leaders and Consultants